Available Puppies

We have our newest litter now available. Our Sweet River is such a good mother. Her Personality is a favorite by all. Merlin is our Friend’s Merle mini Poodle stud and has an amazing personality as well.

This litter is mini f1 bernedoodles. we have three beautiful gals and four handsome males. around 4 to 5 weeks old we will know who is available and after temperment testing. Puppy Pics will take place in the order of deposit. WE do have open reservations at this time. CHeck these Merle and phantom Tri babies out.

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Coming Soon…

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Adopted Puppies

What a precious F1b litter! I couldn’t be more thankful for the matches they have all made with their wonderful families!

Bullseye (adopted)


Adopted by a beautiful family in Arizona. She will be going to eight week Puppy Kinder with Tracey first.

Bullseye is Rex’s sweet girl! From day one they connected and he had to name her Bullseye. He tells everyone that this sweet gal is going to bring a lot of love to a family for sure! She is full of fun, cuddles and laughter. As she has gotten older, her hair has gotten more wavy and less curly. She will be wavy to curly coat with little to no shed.


Almond Joy (adopted)


Almond Joy was adopted and is cuddling his new mom and dad in Ohio.

The middle is the best part of an Almond Joy candy bar and I think it’s so super cute on him too! He has a more quiet, laid back personailty. I LOVE the cross on his chest. He loves to cuddle and play, yet is happy just to be laying by y0u as well. He’s such a sweet little man.


Twix (Adopted)


Twix was adopted and is now in training to be a service dog for a very deserving vet. Watching this match occur was one of my favorite moments….ever.

Twix is my personal favorite candy bar and that just may be how he got his name. Oh Twix, this sweet boy is the quiet one who loves to love! Twix is the quiet one who will catch eyes with you to send his love.


Pixie (AdoPTED)


Pixie was adopted and moved down the street in Benton. I love seeing him with his beautiful Mommy.

This sweet boy already got to have a photo session with his sweet future momma before prom. Ally is about to begin her journey to be a nurse and I am sure he will continue to cheer her on and give her big love along the way.


Starburst (adopted)


Starburst was adopted and made herself right at home in Virginia. She will love on many kiddos with her mom in her clinic.

What’s sweeter or more bright than a Starburst? THIS baby looks into your soul. She always wants to be by her person. I’m not sure how this much love can be in such a small package. She has a more straight to wavy coat. She looks alot like her mom and her color will lighten her first year. THIS GAL HAS MY HEART. If we were adding to our family this litter, she would be staying right here.


Sweettart (ADOPTED)


This sweet gal is now adopted and loving her family in Michigan.

Sweettart is Carol Ann’s bestie. She’s been praying for her future family since the beginning. She was so happy to find out her sweet furever family has three sweet kiddos. I loved getting to meet, Lauren, she drove from Michigan to join the Inspire Puppy Tale family. She will be in Michigan, but we are thankful for technology to be able to stay in the lives.


Laffy Taffy (adopted)


Laffy Taffy is adopted and living in a city nearby in Ky. Her family was super excited that their oldest daughter’s allergies to dogs were not bothered by their new bundle of joy.

Sweet Laffy Taffy’s brown is showing more every day. She is a blast at all times. Ellie Kate calls her a goof ball of love. She has a beautiful curly coat that will lighten her first year. I literally laugh out loud playing with her.


Skittles (adopted)


When Skittles was adopted she headed to her wonderful family in Bowling Green. They love to hop in the RV and travel. Skittles is going to have so much fun.

Oh sweet dainty Skittles, she’s one of the smallest, but she doesn’t know it! She’s a rainbow just like the colors of Skittles. She has a curly to wavy coat.


Butterfinger (adopted)


This sweet boy headed to Texas with his sweet family. I loved getting to know his parents when they drove a couple days to pick him up and head back home. We even headed to dinner together and took another one of the babies for a socialization outing.

Butterfinger is attentive. He wants to be with his person and will find a way to get to you. He has a wavy coat. I can’t wait to watch him grow up.


Snickers (adopted)


Snickers headed across the state of Kentucky to a wonderful family I have gotten to know through Rodan+Fields. He will begin training to one day become a mobility support dog for their beautiful daughter.

To me a Snickers is a big hearty candy bar that fills you right up. That’s what this sweet boy is too. He’s been a leader from the time he opened his eyes. He’s a BIG old cuddlebug.

They are f1B Standard Bernedoodles. They will have up to date shots, worming, declaws removed, and a life time of support. We have one spot left in our Puppy Kindergarten class. You can choose a four week or eight week training route.

We have 5 females, 5 males. They are Tricolor, Phantom, and Phantom Tri born March 21st.

Tricolor $2500 Phantom $2000