Love Notes

See what people who have interacted with our puppies are saying! THIS is why we started Inspire Puppy Tales!

Every litter will have a puppy donated to be a service dog!

If you have interacted with our puppies... we would love to feature you! Please send us a note!  


“Thank you for this opportunity for Gavin to bond with your little puppy. Usually he is very afraid to actually touch dogs, but this one was so gentle!”

This was soon after Stella joined our family. When Inspire Puppy Tales was a dream we were praying about. We were at the park. It was then that I realized again that Inspire Puppy Tales would be born! It was a God wink that I needed to decide to go for it!

From one of our precious guardian home Mommies, Kristie…..”LeAnne, I was thinking of you this morning……About this incredible gift you have given us….Rue rates right up there with my girls. She is amazing and such a part of the family.” (She’s right, a bernedoodle’s love is quite amazing for sure!)